slrn Usenet Digest patch


In the Usenet exist certain newsgroups where everybody can submit funny articles somebody posted in another newsgroup. Those articles are then read by a moderator, and if they're really funny, they're posted to the newsgroup. There are several of those groups, e.g., de.alt.netdigest, at.usenet.schmankerl, and many more.

Usually, these groups have quite strict rules on how to submit articles. They must be formatted in a special way, the subject must be modified (i.e. something like [] must be prepended), only certain headers should show up, etc. That's why I wrote a patch to slrn and a simple S-Lang script which makes this much easier: the patch adds a new option for .slrnrc to enable the subject modification, and the S-Lang script (included with a interpret "") cares for the correct headers to show up at the top of the message.


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